P.B.S. Hydrotecnica srl has its plant located in Marostica with a production area of 5000 square meters. It was established in the 1950’s in order to give the many craft firms a range of oil-pressure products that are necessary for their job.

Today it has a large spare parts storehouse supplied with a complete range of oil-pressure components. It also has a machine shop that gives technical assistance for machines and oil-pressure plants and is ready to help with ordinary and extraordinary repairs of cylinders and oil-pressure plants.

The plant has always been environmentally conscious and meets the demand of dealers and entrepreneurs who need to solve the problem of the disposal of industrial waste, packaging materials and solid waste in general.

At present P.B.S. Hydrotecnica manufactures bale presses of different powers and sizes suitable for compacting waste and lowering the volume of materials.

P.B.S. balers consist of one or more side-by-side chamber machines for separate compacting of many materials, such as cardboard, plastic, fabric, polystyrene, plastic bottles, nylon and other similar solid waste.

The separate waste compaction has many advantages, such as:

  • lowering volumes of material up to 80%
  • more order and room for stocking, packaging and materials
  • saving on the cost of labor in charge with their handling
  • saving on disposal transport charges
  • compacting materials by homogeneous types
  • increasing profits in situations where these materials are sold to companies that recycle them for various purposes.

PBS Hydrotecnica is in Marostica, north-east of Italy.